Finding Sand Dollars

When I started my morning walks on the beach in January, I also unintentionally started a new collection....sand dollars. They are shells that I've always loved, I remember searching for them for hours as a child on the beach in Florida, but had only ever found one whole one before, on my birthday last summer. So, imagine my surprise when I started finding them, many of them, as I walked on the beach each morning.

They would appear in the shallow waves, washed up in the retreating tide, embedded in the sand. My friend Marianna who walks with me sometimes said that she has never seen someone find so many of them. It was as if they were appearing for me, or maybe I just tuned in to them and began noticing them at every turn! 

Now I've got a pretty large collection of them, in every size and with soft variations of color.

For now I've lined them up on the window sill in my studio, along with my grandmother's green glass collection,

And along shelved through out our house, sprinkled in with other treasures. I'm hoping to make something out of them for the baby's room, it seems like they are meant to be for him somehow. I'm still deciding what to make, possibly putting a bunch of them in a pretty window box mounted on the wall? I'd love to hear ideas if you have them!
Happy Weekend! xo


Jennifer Finn of Imogen Lovely said...

wow! I've never seen sand dollars like that. On the west coast they have the star flower in the middle but that's it, not the five lined holes on the outside edge. Interesting!

Trish said...

They are so beautiful....I don't think I've ever seen these beautiful shells before.
Maybe you could make a mobile somehow, for the little boy on his way to hang in his room. They already have the holes in them.
Gosh Nature is so beautiful...
Much love

angie on maui said...

Hi Faith,

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to say hello. I love "meeting" new blog friends and finding new blogs to read! I am especially happy that you commented and left the link to yours, because I have spent a total of 5 minutes here and I already know that I am going to enjoy your blog very much!

You exude you know that? There is something so calming and peaceful about your blog and I look forward to reading along and learning more about you!

I also felt compelled to comment on this particular post because I *love* sand dollars. We don't have those here in Hawaii or on the beaches of the West Coast, so seeing how common it is for those of you on the East Coast is fascinating to me. I would LOVE to hunt for those beautiful treasures on the beach. Maybe someday I will make it out there to fulfill that dream!

Thanks again for saying hello. I hope you are having a beautiful week!


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