Fire Pit

We've been using our yard so much now as it has been getting noticably cooler in the evenings, the mosquitos are around less, so we can be out more!
I promise to post the before and after story of our backyard landscaping project (I'm a little overwhelmed with editing all the photos that I took of the project but I promise!), it is hard to believe that this whole back yard was just dirt when we moved in 4 months ago.
Something that we have always wanted is a fire pit, there is something about having a fir out of doors that relaxes Frank and I, it makes us think of camping. Finally, we have a fire pit on the patio and we had our first fire in it the other night.

We loved it.
And we captured the moment with a family photo, 

Clearly Carys had other ideas...

I loved watching the world darken around us, and the sparks dance up through the darkness.


Nina said...

Just lovely! It must be a wonderful experience to play and sit together around the fire in your new garden. Enjoy!

(Lucky you, because autumn weather has already knocked upon our doors here in The Netherlands.)

Love, Nina.

Anonymous said...

what a great backyard! and how lucky you are to be able to have a fire. we have such strong fire restrictions here and are only allowed to light a fire in winter when it is usually too cold and wet to spend much time outside :(
paul was just saying that the pictures look like they could have been taken here in perth. the climate must be so similar.
and you have a cute little bali sofa! you'll see lots of them next year ;)

Estelle said...

Ahhh, I'm dying over your backyard. What a dream!!! Now I want a fire pit too! Love the shots of your family together. I can just hear all the laughter and feel all the love. Can't wait to see more photos from the transformation.

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl) said...

Catching up with your life. Love what you've done to the yard...and so glad you appear to have settled so happily! :)

Peter Rockwell said...

Beautiful fire pit! Love seeing the fire pit covers coming off for the season. Just another sign of cool weather. Enjoy!

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