Yellow everywhere

Pops of yellow have been showing up over and over again in so much of my decorating for our new home. A brand new decorator friend of mine found this amazing yellow ceramic lantern when she was scouting for antiques in Florida, it works perfectly on our screened in porch, and gives the most
beautiful soft glow in the evenings, 

As a house warming gift when we moved a dear old friend of ours gifted us some antiques that she had found out in California, one of these fabulous pieces is this bright yellow 70's rocker,

I'm loving the simplicity of this yellow oak tree print that we bought before we left NYC from our friend artist Michelle Han.

Another thing that I've been loving putting together in our home are gallery walls, spots where I hang a bunch of treasures together. Yellow is the thread that runs through this wall in our guest room,

and on the other side of the same room, the yellow details play a major roll in keeping the room happy by adding bright elements among the dark wood furniture,

This huge vintage yellow lamp is one of my favorite pieces, its another that my friend out in California gifted us. It works perfectly in our guest room as a bedside lamp on top of a trunk that my grandfather used when he served in WWII.

I'm having fun decorating our new spaces slowly, with things that we already have mixed with new details and fun accents, its so great to see it coming together.


Kirsten said...

Hi Faith - I love seeing some home photos - you are looking settled and I see you have been having fun with all the new things! Especially love the Bentwood rocker - we had one in OZ - it is a classic design - late 19th C. I am keeping my eye out for one here - can't bring it back in my suitcase :( How fun that you have hired a decorator - what a dream! Looks great!

morgan said...

wow! such a beautiful home!!!

Leaves and Feathers said...

Kirsten, I hope that you find your perfect rocker :) I did not hire a decorator, just recently made friends with one and got to have first dibs on some of her recent antique "finds", very exciting!

Kirsten said...

I love the yellow and the grey, they are great colours together!

Hanna said...

would you like to do a trade? Ill have your house. . you can have. . . .(yea Ill work on that!) .. . that lantern is so so so so very gorgeous! I wish it were mine.

Estelle said...

I love your pops of yellow. They are making me happy this morning. And your guest room looks so cozy and inviting.

I also really appreciated your September 11 post. I'm so sorry for Frank's loss. Sorry doesn't say enough, I know. But sad and sorry I am. Your photos with the post were so soulful and full of peace. Thank you for that.

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