Kitten Mania

We had a lovely and leisurely long holiday weekend here, getting to know some new friends, enjoying our extra day off and celebrating Frank's birthday with his sister's family,
The real star of our weekend was one little furry bundle who arrived on Saturday,

little Ruby.

We had been planning to get little Opal, but sadly she had a health problem that made her not the best fit for our family. That was hard for the kids to understand, but once they met Ruby really it was love at first sight, get ready for kitten mania, we love her so much already!


morgan said...

oh gosh! I need that little kitty. :) love her!!!

Anonymous said...

oh... she is so beautiful! looks like she loves cuddles ;)
we can't wait to bring our puppy home - another 4 weeks or so...
and happy birthday to frank! i am so looking forward to meeting you all next year.

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