Ceramic Castles

While we were on the north shore of Cape Cod we stopped by for a visit at Scargo Pottery Studio, a really magical place where potters display their wares in the surrounding forest,

my favorites were the ceramic castles, placed around the property, each just a wonderful combination of turrets and towers,

I also loved getting a peek inside the ceramics studio, where the magic happens,

It looks like the perefect place to dream and create art.


BananaSaurusRex said...

The one with the onion domes is my favorite!

Lauren said...

I agree with BananaSaurusRex... that one is so awesome... Thanks for sharing this gem of a place.

Estelle said...

Wow, this place looks like an absolute dream! I love peaking into an artist's creative space and this one looks like a place you could easily spend all day.

P.S. Thinking of you often throughout our NYC adventures. Really wish I could have done this a year ago so it could have included a visit with you.

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