August Break: Highlights from the Farm

As with every year, there was so much to enjoy in our ten days on the farm, I can't believe that another August has passed already!

Waking up in the van with these two faces peaking down from their top bunk,

feeding the cows,

enjoying the garden,

watching the cousins playing and eating together was so special,

There is a drought going on in western North Carolina this summer so there were not nearly as many of these friends of the forest as last year

My boy became so independent this summer, taking long walks around the farm by himself for the first time and helping my aunt Janet with chores like loading hay.

These mountain views never get old for me,

and spending long hours with people that we love!

Now that we live only a four hour drive from the farm we can't wait to visit more often!


Wini said...

Dear Faith, Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. It looks like you and your family had the most awesome time together! Love the sunflowers and your kids heads peeking down from the bunk. I really enjoyed this post. Its just filled with love, warmth, sunshine and connection!! Wini xo

Lori said...

AW! Sweet! Your pictures are so pretty. I love the one feeding the cows. Looks heartwarming there.

Anonymous said...

such beautiful pictures of a great family holiday :) the forests over there are so different from ours... and i love those two little pink fairies going fishing - we don't see many of them here either ;)

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