August Break: Fishing from the Pier

An expansive beautiful view and ocean breezes to enjoy. Caught a bunch of shrimp (learned that you can see right through their bodies) and little fish. Released all of them after watching them swim in our buckets for a while.
Hours of fun.


Anonymous said...

what really amazes me about seeing all your beautiful pictures of charleston is that there are never many people around. it looks like such a great place - where is everyone?

Leaves and Feathers said...

That's so funny Nicole! This is at our local sleepy pier in our neighborhood, I've never seen more than 10 other people there when we have gone. Perhaps it is a combination of us not going to the places where there are lots of people and also me composing my photographs so that other people are cropped out! All in all though there are much less people here than in NYC, just how we wanted it :)

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