Walking Tour

We had friends visiting this past weekend, so we decided to explore with them on a self guided walking tour of the oldest part of Charleston, the downtown that was settled in the 1600's,

With the little ones in tow we had a slow pace, and there was a heat wave so we were all dripping,

but we were so excited at the history that oozed out of every corner, each little building felt like it held a tale.

The tropical nooks and crannies beckoned over each garden wall,

With our slow pace we only covered about 5 square blocks, leaving so much left to discover when we can convince the kids to go on another walking tour (when the weather cools a bit!). I feel like I might be drawn with my camera to go on some solitary walks there alone before too long!


Lori said...

Wait. You moved already?! I didn't know! OMG the pictures on your blog are making me swoon! I just scrolled down and took a look. Oh Faith, I am SO happy for you and your family. Oh the beauty!

Nina said...

Hi Faith,

I love to walk through the streets of our village too. Even though we already live there for 16 years now. It's a nice and quiet place with old closters, a river and a lot of nature.
And your pictures are beautiful again, especially the one of you and your husband next to that big tree. Love it!

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