Beach Birthday

Yesterday, my birthday, began with cupcakes for breakfast.
That set a decidedly decadent tone for the day, in which special cards were presented to me (this one I will never part with),

My favorite flowers filled our house in my favorite spots,

and at mid-morning we decided that it was time for the beach.

We spent an hour or so beach combing, collecting bits and pieces from the sea, here is what we found,
 can you believe the variety of color? Those blue crab claws are stunning!!

Taking a moment to just think and BE at the beach was probably my favorite part of the day,

Then in the evening Frank and I headed out to dinner, in a wild rain storm,

We had dinner at an amazing restaurant called Husk in a old renovated mansion in downtown Charleston, like something from another era,

where we sat on the front porch talking after dinner, enjoying the feeling of being outside on a warm night in a beautiful city after a rain storm.


Lauren - VisionWise said...

Happy Birthday Faith! I didn't know... Darn. I am sending you so much love and a big hug right now... You are so gorgeous. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday with your family. :)

Anonymous said...

what a great day - cakes and flowers, that gorgeous card, the sunshine on the beach and a romantic dinner in the rain! and you look like a real beach babe in that picture ;)

Dana Barbieri said...

Happy Belated Birthday Faith! So lucky to have spent it beach combing with your kids. I was just saying to my kids today that I wish we were going to beach....
That card is precious and yum, those cupcakes look wonderful!

liseli said...

I wish you many many more lovely birthdays like this one.

Nina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How nice to spend the day on the beach searching for those beautiful treasures of nature. xxx

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