A little silliness

Recently we've enjoyed getting back into doing our family mural projects, where we lay a big paper down on the floor and just go at it all together with pencils, markers and paints. Often now Jasper will be the director, telling us the story of the drawing while we are making it, and telling us who should draw what and where. We are all liking this structure, as with his direction the pieces become like a dialogue and a family story.
This is one of our favorite ways to play as a family, and these sessions can definitely get a little silly,

Here is a recent finished drawing, that the kids immediately wanted hung up on their bedroom wall. The story of this drawing became about our family (see there are the 4 of us) wandering on a path through the woods where we saw lots of animals and then finished our journey at our new house in Charleston....see it there at the end of the path? 

I love the poetry in that story, and how doing these family drawings really helps our family bond and talk about things that are going on in an indirect way, helping all of us to feel safe, secure and together.


nicole said...

what a great way of having some family fun! and i love to see you all together... looks so relaxed!
and turning the drawing into a story about what's going on in your life must me such a good way for the children to process things creatively.
our boys have been inventing whole board games for the last few years. and they also reflect where they are at: a few years ago it was about fruits and trees, now it's aeroplanes and travelling...

Rebekah Leigh said...

This is such a great way to bond, and in the end you have pictures to keep and reflect upon, wonderful :-)

karla said...

you have such a lovely family, Faith ... everybody looks so happy and contented.

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