I've been working with an interior designer lately, she found me after feeling a real response to my work after seeing it featured on the cover of our church's Advent season bulletin back in the winter. Its interesting the way connections are made. She has started directing clients to my website, where they look for pieces that will go with their decor that the designer is working on. Recently, one of her clients purchased this painting, Lightness. Its a large piece that I did a few years ago, actually right before I became pregnant for the first time.
I was feeling light and joyful, but also hesitant and a little afraid of what the journey towards parenthood would hold.
As I am in another place of uncertainty, with our move looming, right now I see lots of things that I still relate to in this piece.
Overall there is a positive, buoyant energy that really speaks to me!
This one is new to my shop, I've just made prints available right here.

Additionally, with our big show around the corner, only one week away, I have been having lots of inquiries from people wanting to buy my originals. I have just updated my website, and in the painting gallery section there you will find all of my pieces that are available. If you are interested in a particular piece please let me know as soon as possible, so that I can set it aside for you before our big show. I sell originals by request as a custom listing in my Etsy shop.


Anonymous said...

it was awe-inspiring to go through your work in the painting gallery of your website - such an abundance of beautiful paintings! i love them! you are truly blessed to be able to express yourself like that. xo

Dana Barbieri said...

That is wonderful Faith! It really is a beautiful painting! I hope all is well.

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