Happy Easter!


Wini said...

Hi Faith, Happy Easter to you and your family! I love the beautiful photos of your children with the eggs! Such precious moments. What a pretty outfit your daughter is wearing too. Have a lovely day! Wini xo

get stuff done said...

wow I love your paintings (just been having a scroll through your blog, found you via Dana Barberi) South Carolina, my that is some move you are going to go on there. Am just contemplating a move to the countryside too. Not from London though, already did that. Am in halfway house Brighton, nick named, London By the Sea. I love Brighton, but the lure of SPACE..... our pretty house is teenytiny here. ANyway am adding you to my blog list so I can check out how it all goes for you. x Mo

Anonymous said...

happy easter! looking at your lovely pictures (carys' little dress/tunic is so beautiful!) reminded me of celebrating easter with the boys when they were smaller - so magical! now it's less decorations but sebastian baked hot cross buns three times this last week all by himself. it's interesting how things change very subtly when the children grow up... the important thing is that they do grow up with meaningful festivals and celebrations. xo

rachel awes said...

happy easter to you!!!
(gorgeous tender photos!)

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