Future memory log: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Magnolia blossoms were everywhere, and we reveled in the sunshine on Saturday. 

In the garden where we had our first date, 10 years ago this month, and where we were married almost 9 years ago.


Rebekah Leigh said...

Wow it looks wonderful there! And you got married there? amazing,I'd like to get married somewhere like that, I bet it was magical :-)

Lauren - VisionWise said...

*all smiles*

karla said...

these are extra special photos, Faith, the picture of the place where you were married really speaks to me .. it seems timeless. And those flowers on that tree .. i've never seen anything like that!

Anonymous said...

wow, look at all those flowers! the magnolias look amazing - you don't see things like that over here!
i love the family picture. you look so happy :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

Saw "leaves and feathers" on rachel's comments,
intrigued so I popped over to visit.
SWOONING over the beauty here.
What a wonderful place to wallow:)
Married in a rose garden, I so get that
delicious "it all started in a garden" feeling.
Love it here...will come again and again.

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