Birthday Week

This past week with Carys's birthday party, the birthday celebration at her playgroup and her actual birthday all falling on different days, we got to have a birthday week of celebrating! For her birthday party this year she wanted a "ballerina birthday party" which to her meant everything pink, and all of her friends in tutus. I made a pink cake (strawberry inside too) topped with some dancing ballerina cake toppers that I found on Etsy.

There was pink everywhere!

Including lots of pink gifts,

Then, a few days later, Frank and I joined her class at her precious Waldorf playgroup for her playgroup birthday celebration,

Our girl dressed in her fancy best, she was so excited,

Her head teacher told the story of Carys's life, how she chose to join our family, and then lighting a candle for every year of Carys's life, including special details about Carys for each year. Carys was squealing with delight at the mention of all of the little details about her in the story. Then she got to put out the candles, which at playgroup is a big honor.

With a few days of beautiful, bright weather that we've had I finally feel like roaring, "Welcome queen spring!!", at least the flowers everywhere seem to think that she is here to stay!


stacie said...

Give a Happy Birthday hug to Cary for me! My bday was this week too, great time of year to have a bday. Cary reminds me of Fancy Nancy in the one photo. Have you two read any of those books? My daughter used to love them.

Lauren - VisionWise said...

wow! I love the cake! Nyjah would have loved to be there in her tutu with all that pink ballerina stuff going on. Perfect! Carys looks like she enjoyed her birthday week... she deserves it! Good works mama... :)

Leaves and Feathers said...

Thanks Stacie and Lauren! Carys does love Fancy Nancy Stacie, somehow she just started gravitating towards those books when we'd go to the book store, they are really cute and I like the illustrations! Thanks so much for your b-day wishes for my little girl!

nicole said...

so fun - a pink birthday party! not possible with boys.... :(
i love the pink dress that carys is wearing. and the cake looks sooooo sweet!!!

... said...

Gosh I just LOVE seeing little girl celebrations! My niece turns 6 thus weekend and my baby turns 2 next month. Soooo much pink! It's wonderful! Happy celebrations to you and yours!

Rebekah Leigh said...

Wow what a fabulous birthday time for Cary's! The cake is adorable and all the decorations look lovely! I work at a Waldorf school they really are great schools. So sweet, great photographs!

Rebekah Leigh said...

Hi Faith! Yes it is a new banner, thanks I love it too, I felt the need for something lighter and prettier...more summery maybe?!

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