Happy February friends! In celebration of Love, and with the approach of Valentines Day (I can't believe it is around the corner already), I have added prints of this new painting to the shop. This is one of my paintings that has already sold at my show at Swallow, which is still up through the end of February.

I'm also offering a Valentines discount of 10% off of every order placed in my shop through February 14th, just enter code LOVELOVE at checkout!


Rebekah Leigh said...

This is beautiful! Wonderful colours and shapes!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful painting. I am loving taking a wander around your blog, it's fabulous!

Amelia said...

such beautiful colours. And well done on the sales.


Anonymous said...

there seem to be so many unions in this painting: the darkness at the bottom with the light of the lotus inside, above and below, water and air... very beautiful - and i'm not surprised that it has sold. i so wish that i could come and see your exhibition!

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