Before and After: the kid's room

It has been ages since I posted the before and after renovation tale of our Brooklyn home. Now, as we are preparing to sell it, I really wanted to finish the tale and let you see more of our renovation. This one is particularly shocking, as when we bought the house there was actually an old scary kitchen where the kid's room is now. Here it is before,

and after, 

another before,

and another after,

It is so different that it is hard for me to even remember it as it was before the renovation, even though I lived through it!
Here is a view of the opposite wall, before,

We covered up that doorway (looking into what is now our bedroom) making it into one of the walls in the kid's room, that I have decorated with special photos, art and keepsakes. Here it is after,

Next up will be the tale of our master bedroom renovation!


Kolleen said...

love seeing the before and afters!

i really am diggin the zebra on the wall with the
polka dots!!!

hope you are doing well and staying warm.
sorry for my absence....haven't been by for some time!!!

sending love

Wini said...

Wow, what an amazing transformation! The renovations look great. What a lovely kids room. I love how your daughter puts her dolls on the top bunk, the fun polka dot wall, and all the photo frames!

Dana Barbieri said...

That is such a great transformation Faith! What a magical place you made for your kids. so sweet. I love seeing before and after photos.

Anonymous said...

what an amazing transformation from darkness to light! you must have had such a great vision and imagination to transform the house the way you did. i wonder what you will find in charleston.. xo

blissful chick said...

so... there were two kitchens? or did you build a new one, somewhere else, from scratch?

either way, MAJOR improvement, you should be so proud :)

Leaves and Feathers said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments about our renovation everyone! Yes, there were 2 kitchens in the house when we bought it, one on the top floor and one on the bottom floor, it was being rented out as 2 separate units. We demoed both kitchens, and put in our kitchen on the middle floor where there was no kitchen, pretty crazy, but it makes more sense for the flow of the house!

Golden Light Art Gallery Yolanda Garfield said...

I'm so happy I discovered this blog by accident! What a find. I'm excited for your transition to Charleston, which is a wonderful city. Your home renovation is awesome and I suspect you'll do well in selling your house. I wish you all the good luck in the world!

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