Word of the year and big news...

I love this idea that goes around the blogging world at this time of year about choosing your "word" for the year ahead. I think of it as choosing a word that represents something that you want to manifest in your life and then using that word to help you focus on that quality, there by guiding you towards what is needed.

At the start of 2010 I chose Clarity as my word for the year. I was in great need of definition and clarity in one huge area of my life and at the start of 2010 I felt in a muddle.... and thankfully 2010 brought more Clarity than I had thought possible. At the start of last year I had no idea how true my choice of word would be, and that brings me friends to my big announcement. Frank and I have decided to leave New York City, we are planning to move to Charleston, South Carolina in 2011, ideally this coming June. This decision has been a long time in coming, and at the beginning of 2010 the muddle that we were in was really a place of indecision and lack of clarity about what our next move should be. There it is, my big news! I'll be back soon with the long story behind our decision, and with a lot more on why we chose Charleston. For this post it was enough to just share our news, it has been in the works for a while, but we have just started to broadcast it and to get our house ready to go on the market...which is a whole process in itself (you'll definitely see pictures here of the process!)

So as my word for 2011 I am choosing Strength. Change is hard. I'll need lots of Strength for the tasks at hand, for selling our home, leaving friends and familiar place. And most of all, Strength to hold in sight the fact (and the thrill) that we are following our dreams.


rachel awes said...

happy new year
& STRENGTH to you
as you MOVE more deeeply
& deeply into the space
& place of your dreams!

VisionWise said...

That is wonderful new Faith! I'm excited for you... I think I flew into Charleston on a layover once, but all I remember seeing was beautiful trees! How awesome of you and Frank to make this change for your family, and to follow your dreams... I wish you all the best, and am eager to hear more about why you chose this city... big hug :)

Poetic Artist said...

I went to Charleston this summer..It is a nice small town little city feeling..I hope you and your family will be happy..
A new journey....

Anonymous said...

Strength - how beautiful, like bamboo, strong and flexible... and Charleston to me sounds warm and soft... what a great adventure for this year.
i had never heard about the 'word for the year' and it really got me thinking what my word would be... the first word that always comes up is 'freedom'. but after some contemplation i realised that the word i needed was 'courage'. thank you for inspiring this contemplation :)

stacie said...

very excited news for you and your family!

Dana Barbieri said...

First congratulations to you and your family on such a big decision! How exciting for you all.
And how funny as my word for 2010 was CLARITY as well! AND my word for 2011 is STRENGTH! Here is to us finding our strength.

BananaSaurusRex said...

Wow! I'm so excited for you! Big changes, big adventure, big love - the important things stay the same. You're amazing!

Stacy (Mama-Om) said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on the planned move, but most importantly, congrats on the clarity!

Feels good, doesn't it?

And what a good choice for this year. Strength.



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