Snow, snow, snow

In all of my years here in New York I don't remember a winter like the one that we are having right now. The snow is pummeling us, again and again with weekly snowfalls, sometimes more often. Yesterday, the snow began again, that's our house half way down the block with the turquoise cornice,

Then this morning we opened our shutters to a winter wonderland, again,

It was a day to build blanket forts and stay in pajamas longer than usual,

I love the quiet after a huge snowfall, the snow absorbes the sound, and the whole world feels soft and powdery. After a huge snowfall the streets in New York become like sidewalks and there is a feeling of comradery as everyone is digging themselves out and taking a day off to sled and play.

Frank spent a good part of the afternoon building a snow fort in our backyard, staying out there building long after Jasper got cold and retreated inside,

From the looks of things we'll have this sweet fort around to add to and play with for a while, I don't think that the snow will be going away anytime soon!

Finally, here is a short time lapse video that I enjoyed of one of the blizzards that we've had here in NYC this January,

Time Lapse NYC Snow Blizzard from K Taro Hashimura on Vimeo.


BananaSaurusRex said...

It's a sign.... Go south!

Anonymous said...

i can't believe the amount of snow that you are having in the middle of the city! i have never been in so much snow when i grew up in germany. love the picture of people walking in the street in between the snow covered cars!

Daydream Retreat said...

How beautiful, I'm a California girl so I've never experienced the kind of day you describe. Thanks for sharing the photos, the one of the tree is gorgeous!

rachel awes said...

i love all your forts & that photo of the tree is stunning. oh faith, the snow in your life only reveals more deeply the beauty of your life that you so clearly embody. loooove to you. xox

imogenlovely said...

Wow! In Portland (Oregon) we keep hoping for snow but we've been having sunny 60 degree days instead.

The 4th photo down is so beautiful that it took my breath away!

Thanks for sharing your joys with all of us.

stacie said...

Faith, you guys really got hit again. Beautiful snow photos! We had a nice storm that kept the kids home for 2 days. Wonderful play time for them.

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