Blue tree

We were in the park the other day, shooting off some stomp rockets, and we discovered this tree. The day was gray and quiet, and the discovery of the blue tree felt serendipitous. I wondered who made it and why, and I thought that it looked pretty cool with all of the browns and yellows in the park's landscape. It reminded me of the artist Andy Goldsworthy's work, do you know it? He is one of my favorite artists, who just happens to be represented here in NYC by the gallery that our next door neighbor runs, one of the cool things about living in New York.
Wishing you many serendipitous finds in the week ahead.


Kristen ( said...

Nice blue true! I love running across random stuff like that :) And I will be looking for some serendipitous finds this week!


jacqueline said...

Dear faith, the blue does look gorgeous with the brown and yellow backgound. Such a cool finding and i hope the tree could breath thru the blue paint. Oh im off to check that wonderful artist you mentioned here. Have a ovely merry happy week and love to you!

rachel awes said...

what a lovely surprise!
as i see this, i find
myself opening to
being surprised
where i will too
find the blue
in me.

k.b.e. said...

Yes I love Goldsworthy, whose work then reminds me of Patrick Dougherty, who has the piece at the Botanic Garden, up until next year. The fairy houses, have you all traipsed through those?

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