Sometimes when I am working on a large group of new paintings I have a couple in progress that are pure fun, that I jump in and out of when I need a light hearted romp to play with color. Marrakesh is such a painting, built on daydreams and fancy. I've been loving this blog about life in Marrakesh for a while, and some day dream of going there. I'm picturing sitting by a lotus pond on a blindingly sunny brilliant day,

You step inside to the cool of the shaded courtyard,

Where the soft sound of the trickling fountain refreshes you, but there are surprises waiting for you through the courtyard door, beckoning you out again,

Out onto the winding, dusty streets, with crumbling walls and inspiration in every direction.

Out into the dark bazaar, where light sneaks through the slatted ceiling and exotic wares of every kind catch your eye.

OK, OK, enough day dreaming*. I'm snapping out of it and heading back to the studio. Sending you lovely weekend wishes. Prints of Marrakesh are now available here.

One last note...I had a nice surprise this morning, my new painting Cinder and Smoke, along with another of my paintings called Essence, were featured on the front page of Lovely Clusters in this beautiful spread...

*I took all of the "Morocco" photos at Epcot in their version of Marrakesh, a pretty cool place to wander around and daydream.


stacie said...

Faith, your Marrakesh painting is so beautiful. Congratulations on your feature on the front page of Lovely Clusters! Warmly, Stacie

Amelia said...

such beautiful photo's here. I too dream about travelling a little more. In the mean time it's about artistic travel and ideas in my mind until a time I can travel a little more.

Lovely work and gorgeous spread to be included in.


Gina said...

What a beautiful painting!

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet faith, this Marrakesh piece is gorgeous and sooo sweet! Im loving the colors lots too! Oh and congratz on your feature on the front page! Have a lovely merry happyw eek and love to yoU!

Lori said...

swooning over your painting and all of the pictures! dreaming with you!

About Me . . . said...

Speaks to me, too . . . I can imagine practicing yoga in one of those cloistered rooms. I love that shape that you picked for your painting.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! I can't believe what a good job Disney does at reproducing exotic places... perfect thing for artistic inspiration. Wonderful new painting!

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