Beauty Everywhere and a sale!

 I've been knocked down by beauty so much recently. It is everywhere. In the dark silhouettes of the newly naked trees.

The ripples of leaves floating on the river.

The rainbow of florescent light reflections at the pizza parlor.

In our looooong shadows in the golden light at the park.

Saturating a couple of the early sunsets that we have watched recently.

So many moments that just take my breath away.
We are preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday which will be on Thursday here in the States. My brother, his wife and baby girl are in town from England, staying with us all week! My parents and uncle will be joining us for Thanksgiving, so we'll have a full house, and are already enjoying the feeling of celebration that having visiting family brings. We are off to do some exploring (and shopping) in Manhattan later on today.

I'll be adding new gift tags to my shop for the holidays, they are really cute, complete with gold string to tie onto your presents,

This next weekend I'll also be doing my second annual "Cyber Monday" sale in my shop to kick off the holiday season, but I'd like to offer it to you dear blog readers please, from now through Monday the 29th you can take 20% off of everything in my shop. Just enter the coupon code "livelovegrow" at checkout to receive your discount! Consider it an early happy holiday wish from me to you! I'll be taking a blogging break for the rest of this week to focus on celebrating the holiday. Warm Thanksgiving wishes to all.


Estelle said...

That tree is a stunner. I always enjoy seeing the things you discover with your camera.

And those gift tags are adorable. Great idea!

Francis Sills said...

Great pictures....I like the first one of the tree. I was trying to draw a tree today, and it was just so complex and stunning, I just had to give up. It was like the branches were lines, being drawn in space by an unseen hand....I feel like we were on the same wavelength today..Thanks!

rachel awes said...

your blog is one of those
stillframes to take
one's breath away.

nicole said...

don't you think that at times when we notice beauty all around us it is also a reflection of our inner state? a state of peace and love and beauty? which is also reflected in your art work... and the gift tags are so sweet :)

stacie said...

sale sounds so the gift tags!

VisionWise said...

Good idea with the gift tags... they've been on my mind too, but I never thought to do circles!- LOVE those... :) I always love your pics Faith, I really like how you captured the colors on the sheet metal at the pizza parlor- awesome... Thanx for putting my button on here too, xoxo... Enjoy your family... :) I'll be thinking of you beautiful...

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