A small ceremony

Lighting a candle at our evening meal is a tradition that we have embraced recently as a way of taking notice and marking the rhythm of our day. This is a tradition that I've tried to start before, but now the kids have taken the lead and they insist on having a small ceremony for lighting the candle and then turning off all of the lights in the kitchen before we say our blessing and while we eat. 
I've come to believe that this is probably one of the most magical ways to enjoy the bounty of the early autumn harvest!

The calm and quiet that comes over us all with the candle light is another gift. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the day.
(I am also completely obsessed with the bread salad in the foreground of the first picture, yum!)
I hope that you are finding ways to celebrate this beautiful first weekend of autumn.


Dyan said...

Hi Faith thanks for coming by my blog - I have a sofy spot for coconuts over there:) I think its wonderful that you and your family share this mindful ritual of blessing and lighting a candle before a meal, especially since your little ones have also adopted the tradition. I am definately one who feels that these small rituals truly speak to our soul. You have such a peaceful space here, I enjoyed stopping by!

Lori said...

what a lovely family tradition...

Kirsten said...

We enjoy doing this as well, a wonderful playgroup influence....especially Maya who is the 'keeper of the candle'....I too love Fattoush we used to make it at the Deli I worked at. We would sprinkle the top with sumac, which was a delicious spice garnish.

Rowena said...

what a great idea.

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