August break: Shopping in London

We took the train into London, to Oxford Circus, where the flagship Topshop store is located.
While the boys went to the Natural History Museum, the girls shopped. I discovered the Topshop store last time I was in London, it is serious shopping nirvana, about 4 floors of it, and a must see for anyone who loves fashion. It is basically a department store that has been edited down to only include the most interesting, fashion forward and modern looks for every style with all of the Topshop collections.

Everything for fall was in, and I fell in love.... I'm sure that my 3 year long search for the perfect boot, and fall jacket, is over.


VisionWise said...

I'm not much of a shopper, but I do love to have new things sometimes... especially boots and jackets, my fav... I love that jacket you chose, it'll look good on you for sure! I love following you on your journey in England... Thanks for sharing with us all, and thanks for your very kind and insightful comment you just left on my blog... xoxox :) LL

Kirsten said...

Hi Faith!
Hope the days are not going by tooo quickly! It looks like you are having a super time. What an amazing trip! Looking forward to seeing pics of the new bub and family. Love your new fun clothing items...can't wait to be able to wear Fall clothes! It is still hot here although we have had lots of wonderful rain.

Come home soon,
Love K

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