Double Rainbow

This video makes me so, so, happy. I want to cry with him...


Kolleen said...

hmmmmmm......makes me wonder what had been or is happening in his life for this grand apprecation! i just love it.....and i love the first time he gently asks "what does this mean??"

thank you for sharing beautiful!


Kristen said...

I just discovered this video yesterday. I couldn't help but chuckle - he has such an incredible reaction! I love to make up nicknames for my dog Honey Bear and this morning on our walk her nickname was "double-rainbow" :) And when she caught her ball in the air I was squealing, "double rainbow all the way!!!!!"


Francis Sills said...

It's like watching Noah with a camcorder...very beautiful indeed

jacqueline said...

This is so beautiful! We seem to have a lot of double rainbows here too and i often enjoy watching them so much! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely merry happy weekend! Love to yoU!

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