Across the Sky

 Across the Sky

 As a freelance decorative painter Frank's work schedule is quite variable, sometimes he is around a lot and we can share child care equally, while each having time to do our art. Other times he works long hours leaving the house before the kids or I wake. For the past few weeks he has been working on an outdoor mural job in New Jersey, one of those jobs where he leaves early, which leaves me practically no time to myself, let alone time to work in the studio.
I am always amazed at how even during these times when I am most busy and constantly caring for my children if I allow myself to stay open to it...inspiration finds me. I always have my pen and paper near so that I can harness the ideas when they come and these days have been full of them. So full in fact that when Frank took the kids out this weekend so that I could have a solid few hours to paint, I dove in quickly and was so satisfied. I painted with a fire that left me feeling deeply refreshed!
I've got 5 paintings in progress right now, and I finished this one in one day.
The birds are soaring and they are taking me with them, Across the Sky. I worked on it quickly and deliberately, then took the painting out to our front stoop where I sat and watched the kids have a water fight with the neighbor children.

I'm looking forward to sharing the other pieces that I have in progress with a few other sneak peeks as I'll be wrap things up in my studio at the end of this week, in preparation for a couple of trips that we'll be taking. We'll be traveling for most of August, first visiting family in Asheville, North Carolina and then our big trip to England to visit my brother and his family (and meet his new baby!!). I'm always excited for the change of perspective that travel brings!


BananaSaurusRex said...

I know exactly what you're talking about....
The painting is so sweet, I love the curling shape of the ribbon - I want to sneak a peek at the others too!

Rachel said...

Love reading about how you manage to balance art and family. I've finally been able to start doing it more (writing and taking care of my little guy). Found you through Kristin B. Beautiful stuff you have here.

Oh - yeah and meant to say, impressive that you and your husband can trade off with creative/freelance stuff. That was actually the most stressful period for us -- both home -- but now that I'm the primary caretaker, there are fewer power struggles I guess.

VisionWise said...

beautiful Faith... I know how it is mama... I go through the same thing. I love the colors of this one, and the birds direction, xoxox

Estelle said...

Ah, Faith. You know I love hearing about your creative process. It is so interesting to get a sneak peak into the way your beautiful work comes to life. I love the idea of remaining open to inspiration even while we attend to our daily responsibilities. Your story just gave me so much hope for the day.

Anonymous said...

hi faith, i love your art work and i've had similar experiences of having creative inspirations when i've been really busy. and at other times when i had a couple of days to myself and expected to be really creative - nothing! the mysterious ways of the muse... greetings from oz, nicole.

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