Happy First Day of summer!! 

We are taking our time getting back into the rhythm of life after our trip.
Enjoying time with friends, and making a point to continue to spend as much time out doors as we did when we were away. Which meant that our weekend included a little of this...

Nothing like toes in the sand and the sea!


Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

so glad you had a wonderful trip. I am doing the same thing, trying to prioritize differently so I am outside with the buns and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible...ahhh summer days:D wishing wonderful ones to you an yours. XO

Škorčica said...

Oh, you had a wonderful trip - welcome back!
I can imagine it is hard to cantinue with your everyday life at the beginning of your return.

Summer! :) - we had quite a bit of it in the spring, but last few days, including the first day of the summer, was rainy.
But today: sunny again! :)

~Valentina~ said...

Ahhh Summertime! It's funny because I feel I live in summer 9 months of the year (Yeah...I live in Miami!) So nice to hear you have a wonderful trip :)

Kolleen said...

welcome back!!
i, too have been out of the loop for a bit!!

love these photos and i couldn't agree more....there is nothing like toes in the sand and the sea!!!



Lori said...

sweet :)

BananaSaurusRex said...

Ha! I was just thinking about you when your comments popped up in my inbox - and I came over here to see what was new - and there's a whole slew of new!

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