Thoughts on Bravery and Mindfulness

Frank and I are just about to finish up our second e-course that we've taken as a couple, both classes have been part of the Together series, taught by the amazing team of couple Marisa and Sean at Creative Thursday.
The most recent class was about living your dreams: being it, living it, doing it! My mind has been full of lots of exciting ideas since Friday, when I listened to their podcast on how it feels to get back to your normal life after a dream fulfilling experience, and how that bravery and confidence from living your dream can build into a momentum that carries through into your day-to-day life. Have you experienced this? I know that the momentum of living my dreams feels so powerful, especially as the confidence that comes with living your intent builds and builds. In fact, I listened to this class while in the studio painting, so my mind was wide open. Hearing all of the talk about this bravery idea had me agreeing and thinking about how brave I feel when I am living so true to what I want to do. So much so that when I went out to get a coffee later that day I was really feeling brave, and I walked right into a boutique that I had been meaning to approach for a while to see if they would be interested in carrying my wood mounted prints. I was nervous, but excited too, and they loved my work and now they are carrying it, which of course has given me more confidence and new ideas about other things that I could do!

Being a person who chooses to live in a certain flow in my life, I KNOW that I am always most alive, most stimulated and creative when I am living from a place of noticing the new. This works for me within my routine as I am always trying to push myself to be aware of the beauty and details of my day-to-day. 
Two things that have really pushed me to do this are having my kids, and blogging almost daily. The kids help me to do it because there just seem to be so many exciting moments that we share, where I find myself stepping outside of myself and seeing the magic of it all....and almost daily blogging has helped me to develop a practice of trying to harness the details of those moments so that I can distill and share them on my blog. Blogging has been a great tool for this for me, and I would love to hear your thought about blogging helping you to live more fully in this way to.
I take lots of photographs, for my blog and my family, and this practice of photographing my "everyday" has been a great tool for me to step outside of my usual way of seeing things, to break through that mind-numbing routine or muscle memory. I definitely recognize the huge challenge of maintaining the vision of the "newness" within everyday life. My art has always flowed best from this place of noticing details, and living in the "newness" of awareness so I have spent years cultivating ample space for that frame of mind. Nothing shakes it up like traveling, being out of my usual space and place, and I absolutely love getting back from being away for a while and experiencing that feeling of awareness within my familiar surroundings. For me it is best described as feeling like I have my vacation attitude while being at home. In this frame of mind even going to the grocery store can take on the feeling of an adventure. Usually when I get back this can last for me for about a week and then I feel my mind settling down and snuggling in to my old routine so more tools are needed to keep it going.

I know that we all could stand to live with a little more of this bravery in our day to day, what do you think? I know that when my shell is cracked open, newness comes in and my vision expands, there is nothing like seeing everything with new light.


karan karla {EnRouge} said...

A resounding YES! Bravery is needed, and also that breaking out of familiar patterns and routines so that we are forced to grow. . in the way that the irritating grain of sand in the clam makes a pearl {science is not my strong suit so i hope i have that right about how pearls are made}. This post is actually helping me clarify some thoughts that have been on my mind for a post -- partly on my relationship to my blog. This post is raising lots of little ideas and feelings of inspiration. OH! And before I forget . . bravo! on the bravery to go in to that shop your gorgeous woodblock prints! That's wonderful! It's empowering, isn't it?

I'm feeling like I'm super-charging from this post . . Now I'm inspired to do the same . . I may just be your little copycat in the Rockies this week and see if I can find a shop that might like some of my smaller wares. Thank you for inspiring me yet again!

Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

oh I almost took that I wish I had because it would have been fun to participate in it with you and your husband...such creative, lovely souls you both are! I needed to cool off my e-course taking for a bit though (I've been on a run with them pretty much since January!) and integrate some of what I've taken in through them + my yoga teacher training.....all of which have totally cranked up my bravery dial (which yes, I could stand much more of!). Now, to the task of keeping that bravery going and growing and going and growing....

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