Night Out

The opening reception for Frank's show on Friday night was such fun. Since we rarely get to go out together alone, the night served as both a celebration of his show, and a much needed night out together. We got the chance to enjoy each other and the amazing city in which we live, Frank even sold a piece at the opening so that was an extra thrill. One of the things that I have always enjoyed most in New York is the chance to get up high and see the city from a different perspective, so when some friends of ours told us at the opening that they were planning an after party at their 25th floor apartment we knew we'd be headed there. We were very excited because they live in "the clock tower", a famous old bank building that is one of the tallest buildings in Brooklyn. Their views did not disappoint, I seriously think that I spent most of the time at the party standing near the window talking about the view and picking out landmarks that I could recognize, it was amazing!

We could see in 3 directions including downtown Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and all the way out to the ocean and the Verrazano Bridge that spans the entrance to New York's harbor.

There is something about a view like that, it quiets my mind and puts things in perspective, much like a glorious sight in nature does for me. The grandeur of it all makes me feel so peaceful. However, I know that I'd never be happy living 25 stories up there, high in the sky each day. It doesn't feel natural to me, I like to ground my feet in the earth. Somehow coming down from those heights grounds me more than ever in the spinning world around me.


jacqueline said...

Yipee so happy to know that the night went well and that you guys have a lovely night out! These photos are stunning! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Estelle said...

How wonderful to have a special night out with your love. Looks very glamorous.

Škorčica said...

Great post - how you compare high perspectives (how you like them from time to time to see things in different view), but you realize at the end that your place is still on the ground - metaphors for the life in general.

Kristen said...

Wow, so beautiful! It's fun for me to see what your life is like in the city, because it is so different from where I live. Beautiful lights!


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