Spring Green

Its everywhere and I
Can. Not. Get. Enough!


indo bay said...

Utterly breathtaking! That massive tree trunk is unreal! Thanks so much for sharing!

~Tania :)

Kristen Walker said...

Hi Faith,
It's Kristen stopping by to say hello! I checked out your artwork in your shop and it is truly beautiful! Thanks for your positive thoughts about blogging. It is nice to hear from someone further down the blogging road that blogging is a good experience and not quite as bad as the worst case scenarios my brain can churn out. :)
Have a great evening!

Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

ha ha, me neither! I love spring! Is this in Central park? I have only been there once, for a very brief time...that is the coolest old tree! looks like the kidos were having fun playing there!

Juliette Crane said...

what lovely photos! so happy to have found your blog. i am amazed at your renovation and absolutely adore your art! Stop by my blog and say hello sometime. I love keeping in touch with inspiring people!
xoxo, juliette

jacqueline said...

Dear Faith, green is such a beautiful color and your photos are so goegeous! Happy spring! Love to yoU!

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