Simple Pleasures and Exotic Inspiration

Lately I've been inspired by...

Waking up early and having some quiet studio time before 7AM, the light coming in at that time of day is so soft and open, delicate even.

Smelling flowers on the air, with all of the Magnolias in bloom in our neighborhood and Prospect Park, it is so uplifting.

Loving this heavenly lotion by Indu called Nectar of the Moon, can you believe that name! It is hand made with the essential oils of bergamot, lavender and geranium, and the woman who makes the lotion mixes it with one essential mantra "om namah shivaya" which means "the thought that liberates and protects".
It smells so good that I left the bottle open on my studio table yesterday while I was working so that I kept catching whiffs of it.

I am feeling so inspired by this photo shoot in the sands of Morocco, completely transporting and energizing my fashion ideas for the coming summer.

Loving that light!


Kolleen said...

beautiful photos!!!! i found you after reading the comment you left at studio enrouge!!! so happy i stopped by....your images are gor-juss and the photo of the early morning light streaming into your studio is so inviting!!!

also...i think i am going to have to find that lotion now!!! the name alone pulls you in!!!

happy sunday to you and yours!

Estelle said...

Faith, those early morning moments before the family awakes are just precious. I know what you mean about the softness and that can be so nurturing to an artist. Thanks for sharing this. I like to imagine you creating in those quiet moment.

P.S. I'm so jealous that you have an insider friend at Sesame Street. I like to imagine writing for that show as being a dream job. And now I just love watching Elmo now that I can imagine his puppeteer.

Lori said...

Faith, I adore your studio. You have inspired me to use essential oils while I work for inspiration.

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