Remember these?

Big Wheels?? Jasper had so much fun this past week riding the Big Wheel that long ago belonged to my brother and I, which my parents faithfully store in their garage for all of our visits. He is such a hot-rod on it, riding fast, calling it his "motorcycle". Even the gravely sound of those wheels turning on concrete takes me back to my childhood.

I just had to share the little boy joy.


Sonja said...

I used to have a pink one, big wheels were the coolest! Glad he is getting more use out of your old one! It is always great to see our kiddos enjoying our old childhood toys :) <3 Sonja

indo bay said...

Oh yes, yes...I do remember! The gravely sound, trying to go super fast, it's all coming back to me. How absolutely super cool that your child gets to ride one and that it once belonged to you and your brother...awesome! :)

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