Out and About in Brooklyn

7th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn

I love Brooklyn in the springtime, it feels like everything is waking up and everyone has a spring in their step.
Tomorrow, Saturday the 24th, I'll be selling my prints, wood mounted prints and stationary at the Prospect Heights Craft Fair from 11AM to 6PM. I will be sharing a table with my friend Kristin of Pixie Petals who makes the prettiest organic jewelry with lovely beads and hammered metal.
If you are in Brooklyn I'd love it if you'd stop by our booth for a chat and a cup of tea. The Craft Fair will be hosted by P.S. 9 at 80 Underhill Avenue, between St. Marks and Bergen. Directions and lots of other fun information are on the website. The other artists who will be at the fair look really creative, I always find lots of inspiration at craft fairs, seeing what other artists are working on and how they display their work really energizes me.
With all of this sunshine and warmer weather this week, I'm having dreams of sitting out at cafes, planting and spending lots of time in the park in the days to come.


Kristen said...

Wow, Brooklyn is PRETTY! I have never been there before, and had no idea it was this pretty! I love the pink petals and orange scooter!

Good luck on the craft show. I'd love to see some pics from it.

BananaSaurusRex said...

Yea! I wish I could be there!

ShirazandFrenchBlue said...

Have a great show, I checked out Pixie Petals, Love her stuff, I think that you both will do very well, and love the pink petaled trees, Cherry blossoms? the top picture with the petals in the street, is just so Well it speaks to me, the pink decorates the street as well as the tree limbs.

karan karla {EnRouge} said...

Hi Faith . . . I really like this post . . I can just feel what it feels like to be there. The one picture you have of looking at the cafe tables through a crack in the doorway was so striking to me. Memorable. I found myself thinking of it when I was taking pictures today, too. You captured a lot of essence here that is just yummy. I am looking forward to hearing more about your craft fair. I have zero experience with them so I'm enormously curious. I hope it went well!

jacqueline said...

Brooklyn is really gorgeous! Thanks for taking us along with you! You have captured it so beauifully and i could feel like im right next to you! Have a lovely merry happy week and day! Love to you!

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