I dare you

This short video about women following their dreams is so inspiring. It is so good to remember that no matter what, YOU are looking at you...meaning that you are the one that you report to, you are the one that your dreams mean the most to, you are the one that bottles it up when you know you aren't living your full creative potential. Go on, I dare you.


ShirazandFrenchBlue said...

thank you for putting up that great video, it totally hit me, I had my eyes well up with tears, I have been trying to get my business together working so hard putting in so much love and care and I feel like it well I can't even describe how I feel it hasn't taken off yet, but it is slowly growing, but my husband doesn't see results and wants me to quit making jewelry spend more time doing his business on ebay, more time cleaning the house cooking better but making my jewelry, I can't stop, I have too. where does what i want fit in being a mom and wife is so great but it is such about sacrifice how do we do this all, sorry probably too much information but this hit a sore spot in me.

Leaves and Feathers said...

Shiraz and French Blue, thank you for sharing. I think that you are really on to something that many many women feel. The family responsibilities that we feel called so often over shadow what our heart is calling us to, it often just feels like trying to do it all! I hope that your husband starts to see how happy your business makes you, as I think that a big key here is having lots of support, but I think that what she says in the video is true, many people will try to talk you out of your dream. That's why us believing in our dreams is so important! xo

BananaSaurusRex said...

Oh I love that!
xo Shiraz - keep going!

Estelle said...

Wow, thank you for sharing this. I may need to pass it on by way of my blog. I feel like I need to hear this every single day. I need a little cheerleader like this reminding me to keep playing with the things that make me happy and the things that scare me too. I do feel like this little community of blogs has helped with that. There are a few of you that are inside my "nice big bubble". O.k. I can tell I'm going to need to watch this again and again.

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