Deep Ocean

Deep Ocean

::The heart is deeper than any ocean, wider than any sea::

Today its a snow day here in NYC, the flakes are coming down thick and the city has pretty much called everything off...people are walking down the middle of the streets, pulling kids on sleds, and everyone is in a jubilant mood.
I think that we'll spend this afternoon building a snow fort in our backyard, then coming inside to get cozy.
I'm leaving you with another new painting, Deep Ocean...a piece about probing the layers and depths within our own hearts.
Its over in the shop now.
Happy Snow Day!


Sonja said...

I love the snow, its so beautiful I could watch it fall for hours :) I see those sweet little birds again! I was wondering if you're going to put any of your new paintings from the last few posts on magnets? I just feel like I am ALWAYS in the kitchen so that burst of color would be so great to have :)

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

Awesome yellow birds . . I love their shapes!

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