Bits of beauty

Bits and pieces from my recent trip, all swimming around in my head.
So much beauty to nourish the soul.

Golden light.

The HUGE yellow full moon.

L.A. stretched out before us.

Those black birds against that dusky sky, something about it makes my artist heart beat faster.

The little feet of my friend's baby in the sand.

A mysterious cave on a cliff side hike.

Jewels in the sunlight.


Sonja said...

Wow, LA is beautiful! I love the picture of your friend's baby's feet! Baby feet are so sweet :)

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

I so need to do this . . get away, just me and maybe a friend. I'm thinking of an artist's retreat or something. For me it's so hard to leave home where everything is familiar and comforting. To go out on the road alone is kind of scary but also an exhilarating thought. I can imagine you must still be visiting your trip in your mind. These photos are so interesting, too. Those birds! If you hadn't stated that there were birds there I would have thought those were shrubs. When I zoomed in . . I got a real "wow!". Those are cool dudes. Hmmmm. . I wonder if we'll be seeing any of these icons and images in upcoming paintings?

Estelle said...

All of these images are so interesting and pleasing to look at but those birds and those chubby little feet pretty much own my heart right now.

I am also wondering how your California adventure will inspire your painting. Is there something from our golden state in your "deep ocean" painting? Either way, it is beautiful.

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