Art, weather and a show



Prints of these two new paintings are in the shop today. I guess that I'm thinking about water these days, Tide and Deluge...and the latest painting that I am still working on is already called Vapor.
I think what I am really wishing for is Snow! Where are you winter wonderland?
We are having the coldest weather yet this year in NYC, seriously 25 degrees?? I always feel that if it going to be cold then there might was well be snow to add a bit of beauty to the situation! But of course fires and Christmas decorating help a lot, and I do think that today some Christmas cookies might help even more.

Right now I'm so excited about Tide above, I have always been drawn to the idea of the never ending cyclical nature of the tide and the intrigue of those places where the sea and land meet.

Last night was the opening of my new show Collaborations: exhibits at the Brooklyn Creative League, it is a two person show, with my magnificent husband Frank. Jasper was my date to the opening as well as the evening's photographer, so I'll post some of those pictures later...the 5 year old perspective is always so refreshing.


Violet Bella said...

WOW! these are amazing! i love them so much, and i love your new banner! great stuff!

Lindsay said...

so beautiful! You are so talented!

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

I'm looking forward to Jasper's photos -- How do you do it all ?? New work, a new show, AND Christmas cookies maybe today? It does sound like a good line-up of events for the end of the week. I'm really loving the perspective of the little bird in Deluge. That's something you don't see too often, so it really caught my eye. Plus this is a colorful bird . . not your usual dark black bird. Hmmm. These are really beautiful paintings. I'm taken with the way you layer what looks like really watered down paint with more concentrated paints on top. It's like you have the concrete contrasting see-through veils.

Anonymous said...

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