On the eve

I didn't intend to take such a long break, really, it just sort of happened...and it felt so good to go with the flow, to not have any "shoulds" or "must dos", to fully relax.
We just returned from spending a fantastic Christmas week at my parent's beautiful old house in Philadelphia. There are lots of places there for little imaginations to wander, lots of stairs to climbs, nooks to relax in...(there is even a secret back staircase).

Most of our time was spent eating, playing and enjoying. One of the first things that we did upon arriving home was to keep the celebration going with the creation of a gingerbread menagerie. Some more recognizable than others.
Even though I love the holidays I do always look forward to the calm of January, and the start of a new year. I like the feeling of openness and possibility that it brings, and I look forward to the creativity within that openness.
Wishing you a wonderful New Years celebration!


Lindsay said...

Your parents house sounds so awesome!! Painting my craft room today, aqua!! Cant wait to put up your painting!!!

Sonja said...

The house looks gorgeous! A secret back staircase sounds so fun and mysterious :) I love old houses and their little secrets! I hope you had a great New Years and I am looking forward to all your future posts!

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