Magical Journey

OK, for those of you that have been asking, I'm so happy to say that here is it. My Magical Journey triptych! Prints of my three paintings Evening Time, Taking Flight, and Sweet Dreams all mounted together on a wooden block. The edges have been sanded smooth which brings out the light blond color of the wood.

This piece of art looks great standing on its own, leaning against a shelf or mounted on a wall (there is a hole drilled in the back for hanging on a nail).
And it is now available here.

I know that there are still two weeks left of 2009, but is it just me or are the rest of you starting to wrap up the year mentally? I accidentally wrote 2010 the other day, I know that I am jumping ahead here. I loved this post today by the always inspirational Andrea Sher, about a completion ritual for 2009, definitely worth giving a read.


Lindsay said...

SOLD!! Just bought it!! I am absolutely IN LOVE with it! So excited! Thanks for putting it up! I think it will be going above my bed :)

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

Way cool!! I can see why it flew out the door! I love smooth woodblocks for prints . . they are just neat. Works great for your prints! : )
As for wrapping up the year mentally, yep, I'm feeling that, too, but fighting it. I want to be in the moment more. But maybe this is just the time of year that we start to take stock of where we are, have been, and where we want to head. I think it's all the stirring up caused by the holidays that makes my thoughts and spirits go wild with wondering.

jacqueline said...

This is really nice! I love prints on wood lots and yours is truely magical! I didn't realize how close we are to saying good-bye to 2009. I have yet to wrap up things physically and mentally! Altho i have already made some new projects list for the upcoming new year and also made some changes with my day job side. Maybe it's time for me to slow down and really warp things up for the year 2009. Thank you so much for this reminder!

Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

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