Holiday Fair

If you're in Brooklyn this Saturday, come by John Jay High School in Park Slope (7th Ave. bet. 4/5 St.) for holiday Leaves and Feathers! I'll be selling prints, stationary, and wood mounted prints at the Holiday Craft Show with my friend Kristin Breneman Eno, who has some lovely Jewelry--check out her work here.

Lot's of new wood mounted prints going up in my shop this weekend too!

Including this new image, Water Flower

I am so enjoying the response to the giveaway! There is still time to enter, until the solstice on Monday the 21st.


Lindsay said...

I LOVE water flower!! It's gorgeous!

missysue hanson said...

Those wood mounted prints are exquisite!!!!

love + luck + bliss,

Lindsay said...

I still havent gotten it yet, maybe it will be here tomorrow!! I will be posting a blog with pics as soon as it comes in! :D I seriously adore the water flower painting... LOVE

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