A child's perspective

As promised, here are a few of Jasper's photos from our opening the other night at The Brooklyn Creative League.
Frank and I each have about 6 framed prints up, and the show compares and contrasts how our work is so different as artists who are husband and wife....his latest work being so gritty-industrial and mine so earthy-ethereal.
There was some standing on chairs involved in the photography along with lots of photos of the floor and even of a roll of toilet paper. But having the camera definitely keeps Jasper happy, and I love the five year old energy and raw charm that come through. Plus, when I saw that he had taken this picture of the sunset over Brooklyn, out of the window of the loft space, I knew that he is a boy after my own heart.


Eliza Lynn Tobin said...

Hello! This is my first time to your blog! I love your work! It is absolutely stunning!

jacqueline said...

Your painting looks soo gorgeous! Glad you had a great show. It's always nice to see views from the little one's persepctive! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

kristin brenneman eno said...

kids with cameras!! the very best. love his shot of you.

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