Home again

Things have been awfully quiet here at my blog but we are back from vacation..., and eager to get back to my routines and studio time! Yeah! For me that's the best part about returning from a trip, coming back with lot's of excitement for new projects!
With the holidays fast approaching I'm refreshed and ready for the fun of this season!
I hope that you all had a great holiday, here in the states, and that you had the time to celebrate all that you are thankful for.

I'll be back soon with photos from our trip, and a couple of projects that I was working on before I left.

Oh, and free shipping on all purchases in my shop is still going on through Monday night!!


jacqueline said...

Yipeeeee welcome back faith!! :) I know exactly what you feel when you said "and eager to get back to my routines and studio time!" :) I am really looking forward to your new inspiring work. I hope you had a wonderful merry happy vacation and a wonderful weekend! Love to you!

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

I'm so glad you're back, too! I've missed your posts this week! Glad you are rejuvenated and ready to enjoy this crazy wonderful season. Hope you have a fire tonight . . . I'll bet you will want one after being in warm country and coming back to the chill of the north. Looking forward to seeing what goodies you have up your sleeve for your bubble space this week! : )

Lindsay said...

Yay glad you made it home safe!

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