My secret

I have a little secret that I have been holding out on you. I went away last week for a quick 5 day trip, I know I know, its crazy with a hurt foot but the kids and I are not ready to let the warm weather off we went to find some sun and palm trees. These are pictures from our trip, I'll let you know where we went in my next post (I just like building suspense:).

Just so you know, to support my foot with the torn ligament I wore a new pair of Merrell hiking boots that are the most comfortable shoes EVER...very different than my usual sandals or boots look, but they are so supportive that I swear I am in love with them.


Estelle said...

Oh, you've captured my heart with the image of those prayer flags. So peaceful and lovely. And congrats on the Honestly Art feature. You deserve the recognition.

Lori said...

Wherever you were reminds me of your artwork- so serene and beautiful. I love the prayer flags!

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

Indonesia?! -- no, it can't be . . . can it? Like Lori, I can sense a vibe of your artwork in this exotic place. Hmmmm. . . Hawaii?? I suppose we'll just have to wait to find out -- Fun!

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