Huge thanks to Joline over at her blog Black Mustard for including my painting Conquest as one of her Top 12 Art Prints and Paintings on Etsy! I am absolutely transfixed by her other choices, I love how they all have to do with tendrils of plants and hair...growing things. There is something about the piece directly bellow Conquest, the bearded man becoming a butterfly, that is drawing me in. I'm headed to go check out all of these artist's Etsy shops right now.

I'm starting to feel that perhaps everyone one on my list will be getting art this Christmas.


Lori said...

Congratulations- very cool to be included in that group. I love the print on the top left corner. I came across that one some time before and there is a match to it where there are butterflies in her hair! And yes, I think the same thing- it is an art christmas for sure:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog love! I absolutely love your Conquest painting - lotus flowers are wonderful (I actually have one tattooed on my leg). I'm glad you like the collection :)

I love the "Bearded Floater" as well... I actually bought one (my first art purchase on Etsy) and now I'm just trying to find the perfect frame for it.

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