Strength and Beauty Surround You

Strength and Beauty Surround You

All summer long I have been incredibly excited about an idea for a new series of paintings that has been swimming around in my head and spilling out into my notebooks. I have been thinking of them as my Affirmation Series, each piece will be based on and illustrate an affirmation that I have created and that I think people could use more of in their lives...myself especially.

Today I began painting this new series and decided to start with the idea that Strength and Beauty Surround You, partly because I was so excited about using this strong deer silhouette and wanted to see where I would go with it. The image above is of the work in progress after my studio time today.

I am very excited about sending these affirmations out into the world and sharing them with you here. I am thinking that I will be able to do about 1 a week, so that will become one of my weekly features here! Yeah! This direction feels very good to me.

My critics seem to like where it is going too.


Lori said...

What a wonderful idea! It is so inspiring to see you following your heart on this and letting it unfold. I am SO looking forward to seeing each weeks creations. This one is really lovely so far- I am loving the swirl with the flowers and birds...

Judy Hartman said...

Just discovered your blog! Love this uplifting piece and look forward to seeing more of your Affirmation series!

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