I will write peace on your wings ...

I will write peace on your wings ..., originally uploaded by Rebecca Tabor Armstrong.

This photo took my breath away.

We are awaiting our own butterfly miracle right here on our deck
. At the park last week we found a HUGE, fat, bright green caterpillar. We put him in a cardboard cracker box to take home, and overnight he made a cocoon inside the box! Jasper is beside himself with excitement about "our butterfly", although who knows what it will actually turn into. There will be serious disappointment if we by chance miss the hatching. Fingers are crossed for all to go well.

I'll keep you updated!

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Lori said...

Oh WOW. First of all, that photo is beautiful, second, how wonderful about the cocoon. My fingers are crossed for you and Jasper...and the sweet butterfly.

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