Mermaid dreams

After seeing the movie Splash as a child I became obsessed with mermaids. I remember trying to swim with my legs together at the pool, making slow progress flapping them up and down in a single stroke just like Daryl Hannah with her mermaid tail.
I guess that my heart is still wide open to the magic of mermaids, because when Jasper started showing an interest in all things mermaid (yes, including Ariel) I have totally embraced it. The other day we spent a good, and lazy, hour on Flickr entering searches for things like "dragons", "hippos", "baboons". This is such fun with kids, and our search for "mermaids" turned up some wonderful photos. Here are a selection of our favorites, along with a little something else.... is Jasper, doing his own version at the beach the other day.


mayaluna said...

Mermaids are much more powerful female role model than the typical princess. How wonderful that Jasper is intrigued by them. I'm so happy to have the reminder of how much I've loved them, too... and want to go looking for mermaid stories to read to my daughter.

mayaluna said...

my word verification was merse as is "mer...sea"... how wild and wonderful is that!?

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