Tomorrow morning we are leaving for two weeks in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is one of the places that inspires my husband and I...and by extension our whole family, the most! We are so excited to be out there in the high desert, exploring new places and visiting old favorites from previous trips. Traveling is like a rebirth for me. When I return home I am always changed, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in large ones. Last year after 10 days in Santa Fe, we returned home with the full intention of moving there within the year. The place felt so right to us, and after a few visits we felt that the time to act on our gut instinct and "at home" feeling that we got there. For various reasons the timing has not been right for such a move, perhaps this trip will give us new insight. We are ready and open, surely much new inspiration will come to us!
I can't wait to feel the excitement of travel, not knowing what a day holds when you wake up and feeling the sun and air at 6000 feet.


Lori said...

Wow!!! How lovely. Hope you post pictures :) I found you in the fish bowl.

Enrouge {karan karla} said...

Okay, you caught me rooting around in your old posts -- but look what I found! I'm starting to think we're kindred spirits or something because I am also so smitten with Santa Fe that I don't know where to begin. Like you say, it's that blue sky (which I see a lot of here in Wyoming) and the air and the landscape is so interesting, too. I didn't want to leave when we visited late this summer. I can see why you'd want to live there. I think it's even possible to make a living there, too, with so much love for the arts.

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