Studio Chat with Faith & Mati: Staying Authentic to Yourself

Hello and Happy New Year!!

Mati and I are back with another Studio Chat for you. We've got quite a bit to say on this topic of staying authentic to yourself and your personal voice in your work, even after this chat there's a lot left over to talk about!

 Encouraging our students to share authentically and consciously without copying, has become one of the things that we really feel the need to highlight in our classes. In this age of social media its something that visual people need to be deeply mindful of, and I think its going to be a topic that we come back to again and again.

Putting in the time that it takes to develop your own voice in your work is the most important thing that you can do for your work as an artist, and the only way to develop the authentic voice that only you have inside of you! We feel so strongly about this that its something that we've started kicking off all of our classes talking about. We even developed our Abstract Bliss E-Course to help people figure out how to find their authentic voice in their work!

If you're interested in finding out our tried and true ways of harnessing your personal inspiration and authentic voice in your paintings come join us for the Winter 2018 Session of our Abstract Bliss E-Course! Class starts February 5th for 8 weeks of diving deeply into abstract painting together. 
Click here for some special offers & to find out everything that we'll be covering in this juicy offering, including....

  • Our all time favorite supplies!
  • Color Mixing & ways to play with colors, creating unique combinations with materials that you already have.
  • Finding Inspiration, where to look and how to use what inspires you to create paintings that you love!
  • Composition & Scale: how these two elements help you create successful paintings.
  • Beginning a Painting: overcoming that "white canvas" paralysis
  • Finding Your Personal Subject Matter
  • Abstracting our World: abstract landscapes
  • Creating a Personal Vocabulary of Marks & Symbols that you can turn to again and again in your studio, making your work uniquely you.
  • Using Alternative Materials
  • Cultivating Quiet in your work
  • Exploring the Language of Shape to develop your own style.
  • Creating Luscious painted Layers
  • Bringing it all Together, we'll show you how to combine everything that we learn into a beautiful whole!
  • and so much more!!!

Blessings & Inspiration, xoFaith

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