Studio Chat with Faith & Mati: Finishing, Pricing and Selling your Work

Hi Beautiful Painters,

Today we are kicking off a new video series that we are really excited to share with you! Our Studio Chats video series, where we gather questions from our students, hot topics that we want to chat about, and then dive deeply into these questions and all things creative.

Throughout our co-teaching, both in our Painting the Sacred Within and our Abstract Bliss classes, we have often filmed these Studio Chats as a way of giving our students a behind the scenes peek into our thoughts, lives and what keeps us inspired. Chatting with a friend always gives us more clarity and we love sharing some of the knowledge that we've gained along our painting journeys.

In this first Studio Chat we explore the topics of Finishing, Pricing and Selling your Work. Enjoy, and come follow along with us on our new Instagram account @paintingthesacredwithin where we share our collaborations and inspiration to inspire your creative journey!



Anonymous said...

Hello to you both! I enjoyed your chat. For someone who has never set up a web site, is it really as simple as people say? How do you choose between Wordpress and Squarespace? Also, it seems as if PayPal and Shopify add a 3% charge from each sale, so. . . yikes! If someone wanted to start selling their artwork online and set up a web site, what you advise as the next steps? I'm overwhelmed with what I don't know! :)

Faith Evans-Sills said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for these great questions, we'll add them to our list of topics to discuss in a future Studio Chat. Follow us over on Instagram @paintingthesacredwithin to find out when we post a chat answering these questions. Blessings.

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